Miss “A” & Mr. “L”: Children’s Session

I had such fun meeting up with a high school friend and meeting her adorable children.  I quickly realized I had to adapt and turn the session into a lifestyle session and photograph the kids just being kids! Neither one was super pumped about getting pictures taken, so I just followed them around the playground and captured their true selves and emotions.  I just love the result.. Lifestyle photography is so fun- not posed at all.  Just let the kids lead and shoot like crazy.  Enjoy a few of my faves from their lifestyle playground session!



Little Mr. P: Two Year Session

This handsome little guy recently turned TWO! Let me tell you, I know that for two year sessions, I’m gonna have to do a lot of chasing them around (which I love, by the way… I love photographing this age as they actually are- BUSY!), but this toddler gave me a full workout! He was so so busy! We did a lot of running and exploring, but the result was so worth it! He is seriously a mini model.  So handsome!!

I hope you enjoy my favorites from this two year session!


Little Miss “A”: One Year Old

This little sweetheart turned one a few weeks ago and we did this fun session to capture all her cuteness before she grows up and changes so fast.  She had the most adorable range of expressions and I had to work for it but she gave me a few smiles too.

I hope you enjoy all her sweetness!

Little Miss “E”: One Year Cake Smash

I can’t believe this sweetheart is ONE already! Time goes so fast- it seems like yesterday I was doing her newborn pictures and now she is already one year old! She is absolutely adorable- she had so many giggles and sweet smiles, especially for her daddy! We had a fun cake smash at the end of the session too.  I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from the session!




Little Miss K: Two Years Old

This spunky two year old gave me a work out a few weeks ago! It is so fun to chase this age around and capture them as they actually are: BUSY!  I even got to snap a couple pictures of her big brothers too. I hope you enjoy her sass and sweetness- Happy 2nd Birthday Kate!


Little Miss “M”: First Year Cake Smash

This adorable little sweetheart turned ONE a couple weeks ago and I got to photograph her first year pictures and cake smash.  She has the most gorgeous blue eyes and when she smiles you can’t help but smile back at her- especially when she has frosting all over her face!  I hope you enjoy this pink one year session!


So Many of My Smiles Begin With You: Happy 4th Birthday!

4 years ago, the world gained this sweet, sassy, spunky, sparkle-y bit of sunshine.  Little girl, so many of my smiles begin with you.  You make me laugh out loud on a daily basis, and sometimes I look at you and can’t believe how beautiful you are.  We talk a lot about inside beauty as opposed to outside beauty, and I pray that you will grow up to be just as sweet and beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.  This year you have grown in love and empathy for others, you are learning to importance of loving and serving others before yourself, and most importantly, you have shown a small budding of love for God that I pray grows into an acceptance of His love for you and the grace He offers to you through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The blog shows a few of my favorite pictures of Brielle  (and some of her favorite people) month by month this past year starting with her 3rd birthday last year, and ending with a couple pictures from her 4th birthday party that we had last night.

I hope you enjoy her journey as a three-nager!

I am so thankful that God put you in our family- we love you sweet girl! Happy 4th Birthday!


May 2016- 3rd Birthday

4 days after your 3rd birthday, you got a baby brother!


June 2016


July 2016


August 2016

At Grandpa and Grandma’s House

At Great-Grandpa and Great- Grandma’s Farm

September 2016



October 2016


“UP” Halloween Session: Ellie & Carl


November 2016

Half- Birthday Cake!



December 2016



January & February 2017



March 2017



April 2017



Easter 2017


May 2017


4th Birthday Party!

We had a princess party for our sweet princess.  The party was in full swing as

15 little princesses were dancing, playing, and having fun.



And then there was a knock at the front door…

Ever After Events- Princess Rapunzel and Princess Belle


Rapunzel and Belle showed up to her birthday party! She was stunned into silence, and then ran up to hug Rapunzel.


Ever After Events- Princess Rapunzel and Princess Belle

Ever After Events- Princess Rapunzel

Ever After Events- Princess Rapunzel and Princess Belle

Princess Rapunzel and Princess Belle

Princess Rapunzel and Princess Belle


Happy 4th Birthday, My Sweet Girl! Love you!

3 going on 30

This session is possibly one of my favorites I have ever done.  Sometimes I get these ideas in my head and they have to stew for a few months before I finally get around to actually shooting it.   This little 3 year old secretary makes me laugh out loud- I just love her! I hope you enjoy her sass!






























Little Miss “M”- 8 months old

This little 8 month old sweetheart had the. best. facial expressions whenever I put the camera close to her- so inquisitive! I hope you enjoy all her faces and her adorable smile!