eMarie Photography: A Glimpse Inside the Studio

Hey there! My name is Elise, owner and photographer of eMarie Photography!

In case you were wondering, I came up with the name eMarie from my full name, Elise Marie.   I was named after a very special woman, my grandmother, whose first name is Marie.  I thought it kinda rolled off the tongue, and made my business name very personal and special to me.

2017 allowed me to check off one of my top 3 things on my bucket list: to open my own natural light studio.  It has been a dream of mine for years to expand my business into a studio.  I started eMarie Photography back in 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky, where we lived at the time.  I had a thriving business down there, but then we decided to move to Billings in 2013 and I didn’t really know if I would continue the business or not after we moved.  I loved it, but it’s really hard to basically start over with building a client base in a new area, especially in a place when there are so many other talented photographers.    I decided to just see what happened, and my client base continued to grow and grow.  I seriously have the awesomest clients..  I did newborn sessions out of my living room and then my dining room, as unconventional as it was, and business just kept coming in.


Fast forward 5 years later, and I am so excited to announce that eMarie Photography moved into a beautiful natural light studio this Fall.  It has gorgeous light radiating from two walls of floor to ceiling windows.  It is right in the middle of town, so it is super convenient with a big spacious parking lot and easy access right on Broadwater.

Signs made by:  Bethany at She Likes Letters. 

Signs made by:  Bethany at She Likes Letters.



Why a natural light studio? Why not add studio lighting? The answer is simple- natural light is my “style”, my “aesthetic”.   Every photographer gets known for a certain style, whether they want to be or not.  I just love shooting with natural light- its gives such a warm, natural look to my images.  I can not believe the beautiful light that I get to work with in this studio.



We also have a super fun kids corner to keep the little ones occupied during their baby sister’s newborn session or during little brother’s cake smash.. Or if they just need a little break from smiling during their own photo session.

It is bright, airy, modern, and cozy all at the same time. The black, white, and mint green color scheme just makes me smile.  There are little glimpses into me and what makes me tick all over the studio.  I have a mild obsession with “old” things:  (typewriters, phones, cameras, bicycles, records, pianos).  Not to mention everywhere you look are some of my all time favorite images from the past  seven years.

Many priceless memories have been captured here already.. won’t you let me capture those tiny newborn feet, your one year old’s first birthday cake as he smears frosting all over his face and belly, your two year old’s captivating eyes that look as if they are staring straight into your soul?… Those are the memories I try to capture for you.  I am a momma too -those are the details of my own children I want to never forget.  Those are the details I want to give you.  Life is Lovely- cherish it.



Contact me here if you want to talk more about setting up a session.  In the studio I offer newborn sessions, first year cake smashes, child portraits, small family sessions, and business head shots.

I still love shooting outdoors, using both urban and nature backgrounds.  Most of my engagement sessions, family sessions, senior sessions, and large groups are done outside.

Wedding consultations are also done in the studio.  If you are recently engaged and interested in knowing more about my wedding package, go here to learn more.

eMarie Photography is located at : 2059 Broadwater Avenue Suite A.  Billings, MT 59102