Swingin’ at Sunset


The love emanating from these newlyweds (married almost a year and a half, but it seriously seems like yesterday to me) is so obvious that we just had so much fun with this sunset couple’s session.  We got out to Anchorage Park just before sunset and had a blast capturing these two, as we found various exciting things along the trail.  My personal favorites are in the wheat field, but you tell me what yours are at the bottom of the page- enjoy!



young married couple sitting in a fieldyoung married couple closeupleading lines - kissing on a bridgecouple kissing on a bridgecouple out of focus, unique perspectivecouple kissing on a beautiful path in the treescouple closeup touching nosescouple sitting on a tree swing together, sunburst behindcouple sitting in a wheat field at sunsetcouple kissing in a wheat field at sunsetcouple riding old vintage Schwinn bicyclereflection of couple in the bicycle mirrorcouple kissing behind a bicycle wheelshowing the wedding ring with the Schwinn bicycle seatcouple kissing holding the "&" sign