Sunergos Coffee Downtown – Opening Day


Sunergos Coffee is a local specialty coffee shop that is part of the “Third Wave” coffee movement.   They pride themselves on finding and offering some of the best single origin coffees available around the world and using a lighter roast to bring out the flavor.  They opened their 3rd shop today and it is a cute little place right off of 5th Street in between Jefferson and Market streets.  With their newest shop, Sunergos is going for an emphasis on offering truly excellent espresso.  This can be seen by their installation of arguably the top level espresso machine on the market: the Slayer.  Before getting in some pictures, we and some friends enjoyed a few drinks from this stunning machine, and I have to admit that the espresso tasted just as good as the machine looked.  If you get a chance, stop in to see the new location!  We sure enjoyed it.


coffee shop store frontcoffee shop menuunique lights in Sunergos Coffee shopcoffee shop espresso grindersSlayer espresso machineespresso groundscoffee shop espresso tampertamped espresso portafilternaked portafilter Slayer espresso machineespresso shot being pulled at Sunergos espresso shot being pulled naked portafilterpulling an espresso shot on Slayerespresso shot in mirror on SlayerEspresso shot on Slayer naked portafiltersunergos coffee latte artMonin coffee syrups at Sunergos Chalk coffee menu at SunergosSunergos Slayer espresso machineSunergos steam wand on Slayer espresso machineblack and white  Slayer espresso machinesteam wand on Slayer espresso machinechalkboard coffee menu at Sunergos Coffeeespresso shot being pulled into demitasse cupbarista pouring milk into demitasse cupSunergos payment system Ipad and square POS systemSunergos espresso grinders CompakCompak espresso grinders at Sunergos CoffeeSunergos espresso shot in demitasse cupSungeros Coffee empty demitasse cupSunergos Slayer espresso machineSunergos steam wand wood handle on Slayer espresso machineSlayer espresso machine and Sunergos baristasSlayer espresso machine and little boycarved wood logo at Sunergos store