Secrets, Studies, & Skateboards


This cute couple is just a few weeks away from their first anniversary and it was so fun to get to capture their love for each other.  We ended up going out to Anchorage, where there is a great little area that includes many benches just to sit and chat, beautiful bridges, walking paths, an amphitheater made out of stones and tree stumps, a fun tree swing for the kids (and those of us who still want to be kids), and much more. If you need a pretty place to walk around with your Love, this is a great recommendation. There is also a cafe with excellent coffee and treats, as well as a full restaurant with an outside patio as well. Definitely a must see for the Louisville area.  Enjoy!



Last name in Scrabble letters - eMarie Photographywife smiling - eMarie Photographycouple kissing in front of doors - eMarie Photographycouple reading back to back - eMarie Photographycouple reading wife peeking - eMarie Photographystack of books and scrabble letters - eMarie Photographyforehead kiss - eMarie Photographycouple in the woods wide angle - eMarie Photographyblack and white closeup - eMarie Photographysunburst kiss - eMarie Photographyhusband kissing wife's hand- eMarie Photographyhusband and wife kissing with skateboard- eMarie Photographycouple's feet with skateboard - eMarie Photographyhusband and wife on skateboard - eMarie Photographyheart bokeh kiss - eMarie Photographywide angle Anchorage cafe - eMarie Photography




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  1. Beautiful work! Love the contrasts with the props. Were you just walking along and happened to look up at the right time to see the heart in the trees?

    Very nice.

    1. Thanks Josh – actually I didn’t notice the heart until I was editing – needless to say it was a pleasant surprise for me!

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