Family Photography

The dynamic between every family is so different, and I love trying to identify that dynamic, and then tailor my creativity to fit your family’s personalities and interests. Some of the most special family photography sessions happen when a family comes prepared to have fun together and do something that is actually natural for them to do together as a family.

Session Description

I often get asked, “What should we wear?” My response is always, “Wear what you are comfortable wearing!” If dad never wears a suit, and is forced to wear one for family pictures, the discomfort will definitely show up in the images. If your family lives in jeans and tshirts, then by all means, wear jeans and tshirts if you want. But make sure your clothes reflect your normal style, so you look back at your pictures in 10 years and don’t say, “What were we thinking??” It is super fun right now to have coordinating color schemes without being all matchy-matchy.

If you would like some ideas of great color schemes that would work awesome for family pictures, visit this website The Perfect Pallette, for some great options and ideas. I personally LOVE bright, fun colors and patterns in my pictures, (I just had my 2 year old son wearing the most awesome mustard-yellow pants in our fall family pictures..) so if that is your cup of tea, go for it! If you tend to be more subdued and want to keep it simple, that is perfect- whatever reflects your family.

Session Details

A typical family session lasts around 1 to 1.5 hours.

The cost for a single family session is $400.

This includes the session fee, a jumpdrive of the best edited images (generally around 40-50), and the rights to use and print the images as you wish.

*This fee covers the cost of a single family unit. If you have multiple families wanting a session (for instance, a reunion in town), please contact me for a quote more specific to your situation.

There is a $.50 mileage charge for anywhere 25 miles out of Billings MT. If air-travel and overnight stay is required, an additional (agreed upon) fee will be charged to the regular session fee as determined by individual circumstances.

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