Business Branding Sessions

Every business is unique in its own way. Whether corporate or converse, your company has its own culture, and our objective is to bring that out in your pictures. On-site photography, employee head-shots, product highlights and more, eMarie has your business photography needs covered.


On-Site Location Photography

In this option, eMarie will travel to your business and work with whatever your specific needs are. Perhaps you would like shots of all of your employees, as well as business location shots for your website. This is a popular option with destination locations such as restaurants that can benefit from helping potential customers feel at home without ever having visited the location.

On-Site Business Photography: Ask for Custom Quote

Product Photography: Ask for Custom Quote

There is a $.50 mileage charge for anywhere outĀ of the Billings, MT city limits. If air-travel and overnight stay is required, an additional fee will be charged to the regular session fee as determined by individual circumstances.

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