Daddy Played Bass, Mama Had a Baby


This little 5 pound peanut was so much fun to photograph.  She was actually born almost 2 weeks ago now, and we did a mini-session in the hospital right after she was born.  The morning after I photographed her, she had some complications and had to spend some time in the NICU.  She and her parents finally got to go home and we squeezed in a fun lifestyle newborn session. She actually weighs less in her almost 2 week old pictures than she did at her 2 day old pictures in the hospital.  This family is such a testament to the Lord’s grace.   Enjoy!

close up in hospital - eMarie Photographyfamily with new baby - eMarie Photographymommy and baby - eMarie Photographynewborn closeup pink bow - eMarie Photographyhospital birth stats - eMarie Photographyproud daddy - eMarie Photographynewborn smile - eMarie Photographynewborn head in daddy's hands - eMarie Photographydaddy's girl - eMarie Photographynewborn with fretboard - eMarie Photographynewborn with bass guitar - eMarie Photographynewborn with bass fretboard - eMarie Photographynewborn feet - eMarie Photographyblack and white closeup - eMarie Photographynewborn with "Love" scrabble letters - eMarie Photographynewborn closeup - eMarie Photographydaddy and daughter - eMarie Photographytheology baby - eMarie Photographynewborn with Mr. Potato Head glasses - eMarie Photographytheology baby with Bibles - eMarie Photographynewborn girl on Hebrew Bible - eMarie Photographybaby hand on Hebrew Bible - eMarie Photographyfamily of three - eMarie Photography

4 Replies to “Daddy Played Bass, Mama Had a Baby”

  1. Brilliant Photography… what makes it even more appealing are the emotions of the people and the tenderness of the moments you have captured!

  2. loving the pics! Congrats again Nishi n Aubrey…she’s just so precious! So very happy for you all and sending lots of love, squishy hugs and kisses to the lil’ one and hugs to you both too! Kudos to your amazing photographer who’s done such a wonderful job! Beautiful beautiful pics of a very beautiful family Elise! They’re so well captured and ooze emotion and love and yes they’re definitely a testament to the Lord’s grace 😀

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