Little Miss R: One Year Cake Smash

This little sweetheart recently turned ONE! I got to go to her first birthday party and capture some special memories for her sweet parents.

We had such a fun cake smash and then she even shared some of her cake with her puppy- it was his birthday too! Enjoy a few of my favorites from her gallery!




Rains Family Session

I had such fun with these two year old twins and their big brother! Colder weather brought us inside my studio, which was a bummer, considering it was May! But we made the best of it and captured some priceless memories! Enjoy a few favorites of mine from their gallery!

Little Miss C: 6 Month Session

This little sweetheart was recently 6 months old and was such a joy to photograph! She recently discovered that rolling is a fast way to get where you want to go which made for lots of laughs from me! I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from her gallery!


Miss “A” & Mr. “L”: Children’s Session

I had such fun meeting up with a high school friend and meeting her adorable children.  I quickly realized I had to adapt and turn the session into a lifestyle session and photograph the kids just being kids! Neither one was super pumped about getting pictures taken, so I just followed them around the playground and captured their true selves and emotions.  I just love the result.. Lifestyle photography is so fun- not posed at all.  Just let the kids lead and shoot like crazy.  Enjoy a few of my faves from their lifestyle playground session!



80’s Session of Sass: Annual Halloween Session

My annual Halloween Session this year was!  I had another plan for this year (ie much more “elaborate” and “time consuming”), and decided to put it on the back burner til next year when things slow down (yeah, right!?..).  A couple weeks ago I told my husband I had had this idea to do a small, simple Halloween session this year featuring the 80’s.

Well, that “small simple session” kind of kept ballooning/evolving/growing and I just couldn’t let it be.  It had to be huge!- just like the hair! So this is the end result and I am so happy with what we ended up with- it is just like the crazy thoughts swirling around in my brain.

THANK YOU so much to all that helped make it a reality! And to all my sassy little models- you were THE BEST MODELS EVER!

Hair: Carrie Reeves (aka the best hair genius ever!)

Makeup: Elise Williams, Andrea Houghtelling, Danielle Sperry

Location: eMarie Photography Studio

2017: Despicable Me

2016: UP Halloween

2015: Star Wars Halloween

2014: Mario Kart Halloween

2013: Toy Story Halloween




Little Mr. P: Two Year Session

This handsome little guy recently turned TWO! Let me tell you, I know that for two year sessions, I’m gonna have to do a lot of chasing them around (which I love, by the way… I love photographing this age as they actually are- BUSY!), but this toddler gave me a full workout! He was so so busy! We did a lot of running and exploring, but the result was so worth it! He is seriously a mini model.  So handsome!!

I hope you enjoy my favorites from this two year session!


Little Miss “A”: One Year Old

This little sweetheart turned one a few weeks ago and we did this fun session to capture all her cuteness before she grows up and changes so fast.  She had the most adorable range of expressions and I had to work for it but she gave me a few smiles too.

I hope you enjoy all her sweetness!

Little Miss “E”: One Year Cake Smash

I can’t believe this sweetheart is ONE already! Time goes so fast- it seems like yesterday I was doing her newborn pictures and now she is already one year old! She is absolutely adorable- she had so many giggles and sweet smiles, especially for her daddy! We had a fun cake smash at the end of the session too.  I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from the session!




Children’s Session: Mommy’s Wedding Dress

I had a unique session request come through a few weeks ago- a mom wanted to do a session letting her four young daughters try on her wedding dress! I was so excited and could not believe how fun and special that sounded. I might just steal this idea for my own daughters- it was so much fun!

I could just see this sweet mom reliving her wedding day as she watched her daughters’ eyes light up as they put on this gorgeous dress and played with all her wedding day jewelry and accessories.  It was hard to keep them looking their age in this dress, because these little girls are all so.stinkin. beautiful!  There were so many giggles and smiles- I hope you enjoy this special session as much as I did!





Little Miss K: Two Years Old

This spunky two year old gave me a work out a few weeks ago! It is so fun to chase this age around and capture them as they actually are: BUSY!  I even got to snap a couple pictures of her big brothers too. I hope you enjoy her sass and sweetness- Happy 2nd Birthday Kate!