80’s Session of Sass: Annual Halloween Session

My annual Halloween Session this year was so.much.fun!  I had another plan for this year (ie much more “elaborate” and “time consuming”), and decided to put it on the back burner til next year when things slow down (yeah, right!?..).  A couple weeks ago I told my husband I had had this idea to do a small, simple Halloween session this year featuring the 80’s.

Well, that “small simple session” kind of kept ballooning/evolving/growing and I just couldn’t let it be.  It had to be huge!- just like the hair! So this is the end result and I am so happy with what we ended up with- it is just like the crazy thoughts swirling around in my brain.

THANK YOU so much to all that helped make it a reality! And to all my sassy little models- you were THE BEST MODELS EVER!

Hair: Carrie Reeves (aka the best hair genius ever!)

Makeup: Elise Williams, Andrea Houghtelling, Danielle Sperry

Location: eMarie Photography Studio

2017: Despicable Me

2016: UP Halloween

2015: Star Wars Halloween

2014: Mario Kart Halloween

2013: Toy Story Halloween