9 month session

Little Miss “A”- 9 months old

This little sweetie has just captured my heart- I cannot believe she is already 9 months old!  She was full of sweet smiles for me(well, mostly for her mommy..) and I just love the way her whole face lights up when she grins with those adorable little teeth.. I hope you enjoy this cutie!   […]

one year birthday pictures

A One-Year Dose of Sweetness

I just love when I get to see the same little ones several times in a year, and this little dose of sweetness has been so fun to watch grow up this past year.  Here is her one year session, complete with balloons and of course, yummy cake…  We even got to do some of her […]

Triplet girls and siblings

Five Little Princesses All In a Row

  This sweet family has FIVE little girls! How fun is that!  With a 5 year old, triplet 14 month old girls, and a new 8 week old, this mama sure is busy! I had so much fun with these sweet girls and even threw in a few of the fun behind-the-scenes bloopers that you […]

9 month portraits

A Nine Month Dose of Sweetness

  I can’t believe it is already time for this sweet girl’s 9 month session- this year has just flown by! You can check out her newborn and 6 month sessions here:    A Little Dose of Sweetness   & A Six Month Dose of Sweetness .  We had such a beautiful morning out at […]

billings birthday photography

First Birthday Blessings

  I cannot believe how fast this first year has gone! B.M.W., from the very beginning you have been on your own timetable.  You were such a stinker at both of your ultrasounds, not wanting us to know for sure if you were actually a girl or not.  And I know that you were super […]

Family with 8 children

A HausFull of Love

  The house where this sweet family lives is one of my favorite places to go.  Not because of the house itself, but because of the people that live there.  There is so much evident love in this house and such a blessing to see.  This family has been able to help more sweet little […]

6 month session with a tutu

A Six Month Dose of Sweetness…

    I can’t believe it has already been 6 months since we did this little beauty’s newborn pictures – “A Little Dose of Sweetness”   She has grown up so fast and is just a sweetheart! Her many smiles and cute faces were so fun to see.  I hope you enjoy this 6 month dose of […]

Little boy wearing aviator hat

So Many of My Smiles Begin with YOU… 3 Years Old!

I absolutely cannot believe it has been 3 years since the moment that I first looked into these big blue eyes and dove head-first into the world of parenting- he has been the biggest joy to have in our family.  I saw a saying on Pinterest recently that said, “So many of my smiles begin […]

three sisters with hot air balloons

Up up and Away…

    This past week my cute little traveller and I hopped on a plane bound for Seattle, where we went to see my sister and her cute little family, including my newest niece who is now already 9 weeks old!  How time flies! Anyway, we had such fun sister-time- you know.. shopping, cooking, chatting, […]

brother and sisters portrait

Big Blue Eyes and a Big Blue Sky

  There is just something about a child’s eyes that I just cannot describe- they are probably my most favorite thing to photograph right now… I had three gorgeous sets of eyes looking through my lens this last weekend as we did this fun family session. They were all such troopers as it was a […]